6 Ways To Reduce Plastic Use

As the years go by, global warming is increasing at a fast pace, affecting climates all over the world. Places that are hot have become even hotter and the cold becomes even colder. One of the main fuels for the rapid rise in global warming is the use of plastic. Plastic pollution has spread into the ocean and on land affecting both animals and humans. These plastic bottles end up not only causing harm to ecosystems but also to animals

Therefore, it is very important that we know how to recycle plastic properly. But it is even more important for us to reduce our overall use of plastics. Here are a few steps you can take to do your part for the environment.

1. Instead of using plastic bags to take your groceries home, use reusable bags. These are a much better alternative. Most of these are made from cloth and can be used multiple times for extended periods.

2. Use a stainless water bottle for yourself when going to work or to the gym. Buying plastic water bottle each time not only cost more in the long run but it also adds to the use of plastic more and more with each bottle. These water bottles take about 450 years or more to decompose.

3. Avoid using plastic straws and lids. There are other alternatives to plastic straws such as straws that are made from stainless steel and glass, and even bamboo. These are safer to use for the environment and can be used multiple times. All they need is to be washed each time after they are used.

4. Avoid asking for plastic utensils on your takeaways and deliveries. If you’re going to eat at home or your office, in areas around the city such as buy property g residence kl for sale, pantai hillpark for sale bangsar south or seni mont kiara kuala lumpur for sale, it is better to use the metal utensil or any other sort of reusable utensils that would not harm the environment.

5. The same rule applies for takeout food. Bring a container not made from plastic or ask the restaurant if they would provide you with alternatives to plastics containers such as cardboard ones. You can also bring your own disposable plates made of paper.

6. Cooking your own meals is another great solution. It is not only a healthier lifestyle but also saves up on all the plastic use when ordering takeout food. This helps to cut down on the use of all the plastic utensils and containers and the plastic bags they deliver the food in.…

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