Medical Marijuana Use and Child Custody

Of the sixteen states wherein medical marijuana is legitimate, including Altoona dispensary in PA, just three give explicit administrative insurance to medical marijuana patients associated with kid authority suits.

States with Legal Protection for Medical Marijuana Patients in Custody Disputes

Arizona, Maine, and Michigan all remember language for their legitimate code expressing that an individual who is involved with kid authority procedures can’t be denied appearance or care in light of their solution marijuana use, insofar as their conduct isn’t absurdly risky. While this is as yet an abstract norm, it provides some assurance against the preference that despite everything exists against medical marijuana.

Youngster Custody Cases

In Colorado, however there is no legitimate point of reference or language in the rule expressly securing kid guardianship prosecutors, an interests court has discovered that a parent’s appearance with their kid ought not be removed exclusively in light of solution marijuana use. In any case, a Washington state court has removed the appearance benefits of a man, gathering to a care question, in view of his medical marijuana use and the marijuana plants he lawfully develops at his home. This man was given just constrained, managed, access to his youngsters despite the fact that there was no detailed proof of disregard or misuse.

Kid Custody Court Trends

Shockingly, a few appointed authorities despite everything respond to endorsed marijuana as if it was an unlawful and illegal medication. It is hazy if this is a direct result of absence of open and legal instruction about the need and impacts of the medication, or on the off chance that it identifies with a standard in family court where medication use naturally compares to decreased care.