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Web Design and E-Commerce Rise Together in Malaysia

The growth of our local e-commerce website must be linked with the growth of web design Malaysia. There is no chance of customers doing repeat order if they do not enjoy the shopping experience that they encounter. The online shopping habit is very common nowadays, businesses without online platform would quickly go out of business. According to E-Commerce IQ, top 4 E-commerce websites in Malaysia are Lazada, 11street, Zalora, and Shopee. Being the top in the country, they must have had great digital marketing strategy that comprised with web design Malaysia. What is E-commerce? How would digital marketing and web design enhance the company’s e-commerce business?

Electronic commerce is the process of buying and selling through internet. It varies from B2B (Business to Business) to B2C (Business to Consumer) and even as a marketplace for C2C (Consumer to Consumer). Nowadays offline stores are often looked deserted because most of the customers would prefer to go online and have the goods delivered. It is very beneficial especially to those people who do not have time to go and shop around from store to store. Some offline stores without online stores were even forced to go out of business due to minimum number of transactions.

E-commerce draws on several technologies, one of them is internet marketing or digital marketing. Digital marketing is a form of marketing that advertise promotional messages to customers with the use of internet. You may see some advertisements pop up on the websites you are opening or while you are scrolling down through your social media platform. The length of exposure from internet marketing can go very far.

Another technology drawn by E-commerce is web design. It is not enough to have a website without proper design. A homepage that is not interesting can easily be closed by the visitor, without even scrolling down or clicking any links on it. An e-commerce website that is not responsive to mobile browser makes it unfriendly to the users hence customers would be resistant to shop through that particular platform. Beautiful design matters. Not only aesthetically but it represents the brand image and reputation. It should match the company’s logo, mission, and values. That is why as E-commerce business grows in Malaysia, web design business also grows. These aspects are now cannot live without each other – E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, and Web Design.

The Summer That Never Ends

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